The P3 Shape

What do Samuel L. Jackson, James Dean and Emma Stone have in common?



Yup - you guessed it. They're all wearing P3-shaped sunglasses in these pictures! 


 Here are 5 things to know about the P3 shape.

1. The P3 is an eyewear frame shape for men and women that is classic, elegant and comfortable.

2. The P3 can be traced to the 1930s, when the U.S. army invented the unique shape for nearsighted soldiers to wear under their gas masks.

3. The P stands for pantoscopic tilt - the tilt of the lens toward your cheeks - with the 3 referring to the difference in millimeters between the width and height of the lens.

4. From its military origins, the shape became a Hollywood signature when screen icons like James Dean and Grace Kelly started wearing it.

5. Our modern take on the timeless P3 shape features large 53 mm lenses for a flattering oversized look, and frames in Standard Fit for people with medium to high nose bridges and Raised Fit for people with low nose bridges or high cheekbones.