The #RocketHappiness Giveaway is Here!

Happiness is
#RocketHappiness Giveaway
Winning a free pair of P3 Classic Launch Edition sunglasses!
#RocketHappiness Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of The Rocket Eyewear Company, we want to give you a free pair of P3 Classic Launch Edition sunglasses! To win, share a picture of yourself on Instagram and tell us what makes you happy.

How to win

  1. Follow us on Instagram (@rocketeyewear).
  2. Share a picture of yourself (hint: we love selfies).
  3. Write a caption starting with “Happiness is” followed by your idea of happiness. For example: Happiness is a big bowl of laksa.
  4. Tag your post with @rocketeyewear and #RocketHappiness so we can find your entry.
  5. When you win, we’ll inform you on Instagram and send you a free pair of our P3 Classic sunglasses!


Are your sunglasses unisex?
Yes. P3 Classic sunglasses are an elegant, flattering fit for men and women.

Can I choose any colour I want?
Yes. you can choose any of our 16 frame colours.

If they don’t fit me, can I return them?
Absolutely. With our 30-day free return and exchange policy, you have 30 days from the day you receive it to return it to us or exchange it for another frame. We’ll even pay for shipping both ways!

When and where is this campaign valid?
The #RocketHappiness Giveaway is valid in Singapore only from September 25 through October 31.

Can I win more than once?
Yes! Even if you've already won a pair of sunglasses, you're welcome to take part in the giveaway as many times as you want!

When will I know if I’m the winner?
We will notify you the day after your post at 12PM if you have won! For example, if you post your #RocketHappiness picture on Monday, you’ll know on Tuesday at 12PM if you win!


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