5 Key Details

A 360° degree view of our MTO P3 Classic Hunter Green Clear sunglasses

  1. The MTO offers a classic, understated look for men and women: it is based on the P3, a round frame shape designed for U.S. soldiers during WWII and worn by 1950s Hollywood movie stars like Grace Kelly and James Dean.
  2. Two fits (Raised and Standard), three sizes (Original, Tailored and Small) and 40 color combinations ensure a personalized fit for your unique facial features and tastes.
  3. Polarised CR-39 lenses with anti-scratch coating provide 100% UVA/UVB protection, glare elimination and maximum visual clarity.*
  4. Handcrafted premium acetate frames are sturdy, lightweight (only 29 g) and easy to adjust by hand without requiring heat.
  5. Five-barrel stainless-steel hinges reinforce structural integrity, while an engraved ridge detail on the inner temple tips prevents slipping. 

*Polarised lenses can enhance vision when outdoors but are not for everyone. When you wear polarised lenses and look at your phone or car windows, you may see "rainbows." This effect occurs when you see other polarised surfaces through your polarised lenses.

In fact, pilots cannot wear polarised sunglasses because their cockpit and dashboard screens are also polarised—and we wouldn't want our pilots seeing too many rainbows while flying!