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3 Reasons You May Not ❤️ Rockets

Although it may seem strange that we're giving you reasons to not get Rockets, we realise that ordering glasses online before trying them can take a leap of faith, and we want to help you make an informed decision.

To that end, here are the three most common reasons a small number of people—about 1 in 50—return their Rockets after trying them.

1. "They're too small (or big)."

Ideally suited to individuals with medium to medium-large heads, Original-sized Rockets (143 mm wide) offer a slightly oversized look that stays understated and elegant. However, if you want OVERSIZED frames, Rockets may not be suitable for you.

On the flip side, some individuals find Original-sized Rockets too big. Designed in Singapore, where many of us like our frames to cover the face (and more), Rockets are a little wider and taller than standard frames commonly found in Western countries.

We now offer four frames—Matte BlackCrystalMahogany Tortoise and Hunter Green Clear—in smaller sizes Tailored (136 mm wide) and Small (132 mm wide).

2. "The shape doesn't suit me."

We believe that Rockets look great on a wide variety of faces. Our frame is based on the P3, a classic shape originally designed for U.S. soldiers during WWII and worn by Hollywood stars of the 1950s. But Rockets aren't for everyone: for example, you might not like them if you dislike roundish lenses...

3. "They still sit on my cheeks."

Our 12-mm-tall Raised Fit nose pads elevate the frame higher on your face and away from your cheeks. However, if your cheekbones are as high as your nose bridge, Raised Fit Rockets may not pass your smile test.

If you're still interested in getting some Rockets, we encourage you to give us a go. After all, with free shipping and free returns within 30 days, you can try our frames risk-free!

Designed in Singapore for diverse tastes (and noses).