Rocket P3 Classic Tortoise and Crystal

Rocket P3 Classic Tortoise and Crystal

Tortoise and Crystal

Once upon a time, there was a green terrapin named Tortoise who had the most beautiful shell in the world. His unique patterns inspired eyewear makers from Singapore to Swaziland.

Out of the blue, a clear whiskey glass named Crystal burst onto the scene and gained a huge following. Traditionalists stuck with Tortoise, but many of the more modern folks admired Crystal's clean lines and minimalist attitude. Although Tortoise and Crystal had never actually met, they were far from friendly.

One day, due to a scheduling mixup, Tortoise and Crystal arrived for a photoshoot at the same time. Everyone feared the worst. To everyone’s surprise, their chemistry was electrifying. Tortoise gave Crystal advice on how to look more dynamic, and Crystal showed Tortoise how to hold a pose. They immediately forgot about their rivalry and started taking pictures together, each one rocking it in their own marvellous way.

To celebrate their friendship, Tortoise and Crystal decided to collaborate on a once-in-a-lifetime collection together. Finally, we have an answer to the decades-old question of tortoise shell or crystal — why both, of course!

No terrapins were harmed during the photoshoot. He just took a while to come out of his shell.