Crystal Strikes Back

Crystal Strikes Back

Crystal Strikes Back

Crystal wanted to work with Tortoise again, but Tortoise just wanted to rest. "We have all the time in the world and many more chances to come," he said as he retreated into his shell.

Unable to wake his friend, Crystal returned to the drawing board. He was inspired by a young lady he had recently seen with sleeve tattoos and translucent custard-yellow sunglasses.

His friends, however, thought translucents were so ‘2000 and late' and suggested edible bamboo frames because you never know when you're going to get hungry.

Annoyed, Crystal went to a karaoke bar in Kranji to clear his mind. After three pints of blonde ale, he decided to head home as he felt dizzy, and it was nearly midnight. On the way, he needed to 'go' and stopped by the nearest tree, not realising he had stumbled into a cemetery.

A ghost named Ghost suddenly appeared and shouted, "Stop!"

Instead of fear, however, Crystal felt numb.

"What's the matter? You look like death," Ghost said,

"I’ve lost my flair for design," Crystal moaned. "And I think some of my friends might be idiots."

"Sounds like you could use a walk," Ghost said. "Also, there's a toilet up ahead."

As they passed a tombstone decorated with red lit candles, Crystal noticed a rosy glow through Ghost's torso. And as the moon gave way to the early morning sun, a soft golden hue stretched across Ghost's milky cheeks.

“Ghosts need sunglasses too,” Ghost said. “Full moons can get really bright.”

An idea suddenly struck Crystal, who hurried home, promising to return.

Inspired by their new friendship, he designed a range of sunglasses that combined Crystal fronts with Ghost-inspired sides. When he showed it to his friends, they chimed, "Combination frames—so hot right now."

That evening, he gave Ghost a pair and together, they walked, talked and wore their new Rockets under a full moon.

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